2017 WCA Wine Media Cadet - Emily Hay

30 August, 2017 - Emily Hay

As the 2017 WCA Wine Media Cadet, Emily Hay will gain exclusive experiences and insights into SA’s wine industry as part of a tailored program, which will see her develop her wine writing skills and be published on this blog.

Beginning my young working life with one of the Barossa’s most lauded chefs the importance of quality and provenance of produce was drilled into me. Second only to this was the art of service, the ability to bring the story of what is on the plate to life for the customer. And then along came wine… I was hooked.

Hospitality made me fall in love with story telling.

Wine’s complexities, delights and stories are out there - South Australia - a Great Wine Capital of the World - is absolutely brimming with them. I can’t wait to discover some of them through the Wine Media Cadet Program and share them with you. 

-    Emily Hay