20th Anniversary of Great Wine Capitals

1 July, 2019

You are invited to join the Great Wine Capitals Global Network as they celebrate 20 years of collaboration this year at the 2019 annual conference in Bordeaux, France.

The Network is using this milestone as a catalyst to refine its purpose and will launch a strategy and action plan at its annual conference in November, which will pave the way for new collaborations and growth of our renowned wine industries.

More than one hundred professionals in the wine and tourism industry will bring together to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this unique organisation.

Join us and cheer to Great Wine Capitals!

Watch 2019 Great Wine Capitals Annual Conference video (1:30)

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network is a Network of 10 major global cities that aims to encourage travel, education and business exchanges between the prestigious wine regions of Adelaide | South Australia, Bilbao | Rioja, Bordeaux, Lausanne, Mainz | Rheinhessen, Mendoza, Porto, San Francisco | Napa Valley, Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley and Verona.

Founded in 1999 on a Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiative, it is the only such Network to encompass the so-called 'Old' and 'New' worlds of wine.

The annual conference will be held from 3 to 7 November 2019.