Saturday 03 November 2018 — Saturday 10 November 2018

Adelaide is eagerly looking forward to hosting the Great Wine Capitals of the World Network Annual General Meeting in 2018.

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This vibrant city and its supporting 18 wine regions will welcome the delegates to South Australia, a destination that comprises the most ancient soils on earth, the oldest continuously producing vines, a diverse array of coastal, hillside, and valley sites, and increasingly understands the special confluence of location, history, geology and culture that shapes the evolution of distinctive wine, memorable experiences and great gastronomy.

Here, new innovation rubs shoulders with old ways; seventh generation vigneron mix with new, millennial start-ups; 150 year old ancestor vines vie with new alternative varieties, and fine wine collectables share the same table with bio-dynamic, next generation funk. Add in a dynamic restaurant and bar scene that artfully blends old with new, and east with west, and you have a wildly-fermenting starter culture of its own!

The common thread that holds this exuberant story together is simple: a proud inheritance that we are determined to maintain in a sustainable way, and a natural desire to continue to challenge, explore, learn and share.

Adelaide, South Australia: Welcome to Old World; New World; Our World.

The following is a sample program only, we will soon be engaging with regions to develop the program together.

Download the program (PDF 11.6 MB)

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